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About Shehrazad Hotel

The most attractive thing in this boutique hotel is the space it provides you for the living purpose. You want to stay in Islamabad and if you are also new in the town what else would be a better option for you as you can get everything at one place saving the time to hustle around for one thing then the other to the other place. The rooms are luxurious, fully furnished and meeting the modern era levels of technology. AlluringRooms are chilled for the summers by the 24/7 running air conditioners making you forget of the scorching heat outside and warmness of the heating systemsin the winters relaxes you feel as you were never tired.

Hair Salon
Hair Salon

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Meeting Rooms

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Suites Size & Availability

Suite No.Size Corner(Yes/No) LocationAvailabilityAction
201C519.85 yes WSNo
202429.11 no SNo
203429.11 no SNo
204380.55 no SNo
205425.50 no SNo
206425.50 no SNo
207387.78 no SNo
208387.78 no SNo
209429.11 no SNo
210429.11 no SNo
211384.17 no SNo
212425.50 no SNo
213C516.64 yes SENo
214497.78 no EYes Buy Now
215450.83 no EYes Buy Now
216450.83 no EYes Buy Now
217495.78 no EYes Buy Now
218495.56 no EYes Buy Now
219C638.92 yes NEYes Buy Now
220386.11 no NYes Buy Now
Suite No.Size Corner LocationAvailabilityAction
221429.11 no NYes Buy Now
222387.78 no NYes Buy Now
223387.78 no NYes Buy Now
224425.50 no NYes Buy Now
225425.50 no NYes Buy Now
226391.83 no NYes Buy Now
227C762.59 yes NWNo
228491.44 no WNo
229495.78 no WNo
230454.44 no WNo
231450.83 no WNo
232497.78 no WNo
233350.78 no MiddleYes Buy Now
234728.56 no MiddleYes Buy Now
235352.22 no MiddleYes Buy Now
236352.22 no MiddleYes Buy Now
237352.22 no MiddleYes Buy Now
238738.67 no MiddleYes Buy Now
239350.78 no MiddleYes Buy Now
Suite No.Size Corner LocationAvailabilityAction
301C519.85 yes WSNo
302429.11 no SNo
303429.11 no SNo
304380.55 no SNo
305425.50 no SNo
306425.50 no SNo
307387.78 no SNo
308387.78 no SNo
309429.11 no SNo
310429.11 no SNo
311384.17 no SNo
312425.50 no SNo
313C516.64 yes SENo
314497.78 no EYes Buy Now
315450.83 no EYes Buy Now
316450.83 no EYes Buy Now
317495.78 no EYes Buy Now
318495.56 no EYes Buy Now
319C638.92 Yes NEYes Buy Now
320386.11 no NYes Buy Now
Suite No.Size Corner LocationAvailabilityAction
321429.11 no NYes Buy Now
322387.78 no NYes Buy Now
323387.78 no NYes Buy Now
324425.50 no NYes Buy Now
325425.50 no NYes Buy Now
326391.83 no NYes Buy Now
327C762.59 Yes NWNo
328491.44 no WNo
329495.78 no WNo
330454.44 no WNo
331450.83 no WNo
332497.78 no WNo
333350.78 no MiddleYes Buy Now
334728.56 no MiddleYes Buy Now
335352.22 no MiddleYes Buy Now
336352.22 no MiddleYes Buy Now
337352.22 no MiddleYes Buy Now
338738.67 no MiddleYes Buy Now
339350.78 no MiddleYes Buy Now

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Phone(Pakistan) : +92 51 874 4448

Phone (Dubai-UAE): +971 50 575 1051 , +971 50 518 6836

Email : contact@shehrazadisb.com

Address : Block 7, F6-Markaz,Supermarket ,Islamabad, Pakistan

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